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Alarm Keypad

Alarm_Keypad.widget.json (8.7 KB)

Alarm Keypad with multiple settable Items


  1. 0-9 Keys
  2. Single key Arm Away
  3. Single key Arm Stay
  4. Panic button
  5. Every key press is sent to item immediately
  6. Customizable text

For a more generic/universal keypad, use Widget: Universal Keypad instead

Make sure you use Dont Wrap in Container




Config is self-explanatory.
When you hit a keypad button, it will send command to the item you configured for alarmPnlCmd. So when you hit 1, it will send 1 to that item. Few buttons on the left are special buttons, you can define which item receives those command. Commands for the left buttons will always send a value of 1.

For example, for my Arm Stay button, it sends a value of 1 to the item configured. I have a rule that when that item receives a command, it will send an Arm Stay command to my Honeywell Vista alarm through the AlarmDecoder (http://www.alarmdecoder.com/) module.

** Note: Alarm Decode module has no “arm” command, but you have to send the keys to it through the module as if you are hitting it from your alarm panel. So in this case, ArmStay rule in my openHab actually sends 3 to my alarm. For example, if your alarm code is 1234, it will send 12343 to your alarmdecoder module. Alarm decoder binding is available for openHab but requires that you have an alarmDecoder hardware.

** Important, since you are basically just doing a ‘macro’ for your alarm, make sure your alarm code is not anywhere in your openhab settings. You can do this by creating a native script, and binding it to a execBinding. Doing this, you can basically ‘hardcode’ your pinCode, but it is not accessible/readable anywhere.

** Alarm decoder binding can use either serial or network. If you are using raspberry pi, you can use ser2sock. I have also ported ser2sock to a Windows .net application when I was using a Windows server for my openHAB (for those interested and not running linux)


@luckymallari can you please re-upload your widget in the original post with the filename ending with AlarmKeypad_LuckyMallari.widget.json
I added the widgetgallery tag to make it appear in the widget gallery but the attachment is not detected (it only considers those ending with “.widget.json”).
Thanks :wink:


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Updated to make it responsive. Added animated gif

Can this be used as a stand alone keypad to toggle a security system without the AlarmDecoder? If so, how do you set a password?

Give me a better description of what you are trying to do. The AlarmDecoder is basically optional, you can define where the keys go (which item receives it) when you presses something on the keypad. On the settings page, it’s the Alarm Panel Command. So for example, if you press 1, then that item receives a 1.

Basically I am trying to use the keypad to toggle a switch called security switch, but I only want the switch to be able to toggle it through the keypad and if the keycode entered is correct.
I have very limited exposure to coding, so I’m not exactly sure how I can do this. In the settings page, I can select any of my items (aka security switch) but I do not understand how to program a keycode like a 4 digit password. Do you have an example of your ArmStay rule?

Fair enough. I’ll make a more generic keypad widget, one that only has one receiving item. It will basically be keys 0-9, send, clear, and backspace.

Here’s a generic/universal keypad:

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Thanks for your work on the keypad. I tweaked mine to better fit my system and I am very happy with it.


Looks nice !!

Lucky, Does the alarm keypad work with DSC binding and envisalink?

Should work any Alarm, but you can also use THIS

@DennisVonDerBey Would you share your complete Dashboard config of the pictured dashboard?


I got this keypad to work. I can enable my alarm system by clicking away or stay but how do I deactivate the system? I click off and nothing happens.

OFF sends “1” (since it’s the ‘norm’ for most alarms) so you need to hit PIN then OFF.

Example, if your PIN is 1234, you would hit 12341 OR 1234OFF.

I didn’t want to put a macro on disarming it for obvious reasons. If there was a burglar in your home, all he has to do is hit OFF. That won’t be real nice

Thats weird. I enter in my 4 digit number and press off and I get for my status, partition Armed (ZEA)

This is what I have for my settings

ok fair enough. I’ll update it in a few mins

Updated. You can now define which Item to receive the OFF button.

So you can create a rule:

rule "OFF"
    Item YOUROFFITEM received command
   //do something to your alarm