Added support for AlarmDecoder LRR Protocol

More info here:

Just waiting for the pull request to be merged…

Basically, this enhancement using the AlarmDecoder LRR protocol can inform you of certain specific events such as:

Which user ARMED the alarm.
Which user DISARMED the alarm.
If an ALARM (sticky bit) was set
If there was a fire
etc etc

I linked them onto items, and display it on my Habpanel “alarm” page, so I can quickly glance to see who did what with the alarm.

Demo of my “Alarm” page

Habpanel Widgets:
Keypad Widget:

Dashboard Widget:

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Your Alarm page looks good.

Are they custom widgets/templates you’ve got on the right? The dashboard and last known presence are interesting and I have been thinking about doing something along those lines. Is it something you can share or point me at if already online somewhere?


Sorry for the LAAATE reply. Im using a combination of the motion sensors (hooked to the Alarm) and security camera motion trigger (BlueIris server). Whenever any of them are triggered, I have rule that updates the DateTime item. That’s how I know the last motion detected.

I haven’t made any changes since it’s been working 100%. I know you posted 9 months ago so if you still want some rules code, just let me know.

Appreciate the response but more like 9 weeks since I posted rather than 9 months so not as long as you think :slightly_smiling_face:

I was only after the GUI side as it happens. Rules I’ve got or can write no problem but your ‘Dashboard’ summary item on the right looks way nicer than any other widget I’ve written or modified so if you’re happy to share that then great.


9 weeks :slight_smile: lol thought it was 9 months. (9 months was when I last posted it) I’ll export the widget and share it here.

Just before I export the dashboard, just want to know if you are also interested with my “visual” dashboard (above)

Looks good so if you’re happy to share then yes please. Plenty of others I’m sure will like a few more examples and ideas.


Keypad Widget:

Dashboard Widget: