Widget and Visibility of Parts of them

im using or trying to use this widget:

All my Items have Unit “W” and via Metadata it is formatted to kW. I have a little Plug and Play Solar and the power is mostly between 20 W and 250 W means displayed 0.02 kW up to 0.25 kW. They are Number:Power

But i have a problem with that on my Openhab 4.0.3:
The circles are not flowing and there. What i got out it this:

origline 244 visible: =items[props.itemSolar].state > 0
change line 244 to visible: =true
Then they are flowing. So it is a problem that my item-states > 0 are higher than 0 but this gives a false and not a true.

So i tried out some changes to line 244 but im not sure why this never gives true? What i have to do to get this working for me?

Item states are strings, so you need to convert that to a number to achieve what you need. I use something like this:

visible: =(Number.parseFloat(items.SunSynk_Load_Grid.state) - Number.parseFloat(items.SunSynk_acL1_Power_167.state) >= 10)?(true):(false)

Hi @Mark_VG
that was the problem, thanks!
changed line 244 now to visible: =Number.parseFloat(items[props.itemSolar].state) > 0
and it works fine. (lines 276 and 307 of this widget too)

I will test it for a wile and then post the full corrected version for others.