Widget: Blinds

Today I made something really cool for you. Widget is for rollershutter.


  1. Set slider to read only mode if you cant set accurate position
  2. Choose color of your blinds
  3. Widget supports any width. Height should be 2 grids.

Widget image
Widget image

Widget designed for 2x1 habpanel dashboard grid
Note: Use 100% of browser zoom

Sources with description: https://github.com/andreypopov/habpanel-widget-blinds

popov-blinds.widget.json (6.3 KB)


Amazing, looks really cool and works great. Thx. :+1::+1:

new version, upgrade

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Very nice widget I am using now. What I would like to do is translating 0% to “open” and 100% to “close”. How would I do this?

Already made this reverse version. Very soon I will upload.
Now I am using 100% = open, 0% = close, as in Homekit.

thanks for this great widget!
I was not able to figure out what channel to link to an item fo control the percentage using a fibaro roller shutter controller. I’ve tried “shutter position” dimmer channel bot it didn’t work

Nice widget! Using it with pleasure

Hey @andreypopov! great widjet! I’m having a bit of trouble with the STOP command however. Any hints?
With the UP and DOWN, the commands “up” and “down” are translated into 0 and 100%, which is fine, but the STOP does nothing.
Tasmota has the commands “shutteropen” “shutterclose” and “shutterstop” to open, close and stop the blinds, but whatever I set the stop command to, does not reach the controller.