Widget Galerie nicht erreichbar

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 4
    • ioBroker Adapter
    • habpanel
      Ich möchte HABPanel als Visualisierung in iOBroker einsetzten. Bei Widgets hinzufügen, ->benutzerdefinierte Widgets, → Mehr, kommt diese Fehlemeldung:

      Wie kann ich auf diese zusätzlichen Widgets zugreifen?


This is an English-only forum.

The German forum is here.

openHAB - KNX-User-Forum

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Sorry for confusion. Anyway, may I ask how to solve this problem, loading additional widgets?
Next time I will ask in german Forum.

Regards Gerhard

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No worries.
What version of openHAB?

I use in ioBroker the HABPanel Adapter only. When I try to import additional widgets I get this error message. I tried to install also the openHAB Adapter but cannot get it running up to date. It is version 1.1.0 but I think this is ioBroker specific.

Then you should ask in ioBroker community, as we do not support any of their adapters.

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i have this problem in oh3 habpanel
The gallery is not reachable any more


Hello, I have had the same Problem,

I could fix it, but I lost all of my Dashboards, I removed the HabPanel-Adapter and all Entries in the Objects List (HABPanel Meta infos and so on) and then restart iobroker Admin an reinstall the HABPanelAdapter.