Widget-icon not updating? bug?

It seems that in my case the widget icon is not updating when used in the templates. It is correct on the first load of the panel and does change after the first use, but that’s it. The button continiue to does work but will not update the state of the icon. In my case the gLights_B is a group of the lights and I use a button to pass OFF in order to do a master OFF only switch.

<button class="test" 
        style= "border: none; background: rgba(0,0,0,0); outline:none; " 
        ng-click="sendCmd('gLights_B', 'OFF')"> 
	<widget-icon iconset="'smarthome-set'" icon="'power-button'" size="100" state="itemValue('gLights_B')" />          

Do you see that too?

@ysc any chance you can look into that?

Please submit an issue so other developers can take a closer look at it.

I did submit it 10 days ago, I can’t mark it as a bug so it is not marke, but it is there.