Widget repository

Is there a centralised widget repository, similar to, say thingiverse, where people can upload their widgets? It would make it so much easier to browse and find UI widgets rather than combing through the community posts.

It probably wouldn’t.

I believe a built in marketplace is planned, similar to what HABpanel had implemented.

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Not yet. For now there are a few examples posted to the UIs category and in the Tutorials and Solutions category.

Eventually there will be a marketplace where widgets, rules, libraries, and third party add-ons can be found and installed. But that is only now just being talked about. There isn’t any such service yet.

Yannick has even a concept of a module that would include widgets, items and rules all in one package which is pretty exciting.


Would it be possible to raise an “OH3 Widget Example/Solutions” section in the forum until there is a better solution?
Right now it is a little cluttered and searching for things often brings me to Habpanel code instead of OH3 solutions.