Width of swiper widget

I am using a swiper card in order to make my layout more compact.
But unfortunately the slides in the swiper card are much smaller. On the display of a mobile phone it is getting tight and it does not look nice (see picture below).
Is there any possibility to increase the width of a slide in a swiper card?
Ideally the the slide should have the same width as the swiper card itself.


The swiper used by OH (via the f7 libraries) is here:

You can see from that documentation that there are many parameters that you can set and it’s possible that one of those will help. Honestly, however, I doubt it. The swiper slides themselves are not sized directly by any parameter that I am aware of, but adjust to the width of the components. If you want the slides to be more responsive to a mobile screen then you have to adjust the content of the slide for mobile.

Thank you for the reply. I am not a programmer but I will study the document and hopefully learn something new.
Just for curiosity: How could I find such documentation you are referring to?

That link I shared is what there is. It’s not the best organized, alas, but we all know how hard it is to make perfect help docs. You just have to scroll through that page and also follow some of links on it.