Wifi connection on different routers with the same ssid and password

Hi, I am new to openhab and raspberry pi. I have recently installed openhabian on Raspberry Pi 3. Before first boot I entered SSID and password of my wifi on my home network. Everything worked, so no problem. I also bought a router, which I am using at different place (city). I thought if I changed routers name and asigned password the same as on my home network (where boot was done) the openhabian would automatically connect, but it didn’t. So, two different routers, the same ssid and password. Is there anything I need to configure on the router?
Thanks for your help

Why do you not connect the Raspberry by lan?
Does the Raspberry show any errors?
Does the Router find any other Wifi-connections?

It is going to be placed somewhere where there is no LAN cable.
Router didn’t find it.
I have just seen that OS loops and it doesn’t even boot. I guess I will try with another fresh install.

The problem was in USB cable. Now I can connect to Raspberry with no problem.