WIFI LED Binding and ledstrips

Has anyone got the wifi led binding to work with ws2811 or ws2812 ledstrip?

What selection do you make here, and what is the difference?

I wouldn’t suggest driving them from Linux directly. Linux is not realtime OS.
There is an excellent lib FastLED for dealing with ws2811 or ws2812 from Arduino hardware. You can then attach Arduino to OH server via USB serial. If you want a lot of those all over the house, then you might look into Souliss or MySensors radio networks and their bindings.

I’m interested in trying out some individually addressable strips which I will use with a NodeMCU device or something similar. Would anyone have an idea as to whether the WiFi LED binding supports this?

I’m planning to use FastLED so I guess I need a way to send commands to theNodeMCU (probably over MQTT). Has anyone got experience with this or any ideas they could share?


Just a quick update, I found some great info here:

Seems like I’ve got an Xmas project to do now :slight_smile:

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