WiFi LED Binding problem

Hello everyone!
i’ve just installed WiFi Led Binding to try to manage VOCOLinc L1 Bulbs but i cannot manage them.
autodiscover doesn’t find anything new so i added the thing and items manually.
via paperui i see the device online but i cannot manage it.
i’ve set, on my router, a static ip to the bulb, i can ping it from my RPI, from windows i can also browse the “bonjour” webpage of the bulb but i cannot change or manage anything.
at the moment i manage the bulb from its own app on my mobile phone (ios and android) and also from homekit.

my goal is to dismiss completely homekit or external apps, and manage everything from openhab.

thanks to anyone that wants to help a poor noob :slight_smile:

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First of all, is that one of the supported light bulbs?

If not then you cannot use this binding to control it. I can’t say if there is any binding that supports this bulb. I’ve never heard of it before. But not all light bulbs that support WiFi work the same.

I didn’t find any information in internet about vocolinc … so i don’t know ports or any other information about them…:pensive:

Ruben Fuser