Wifi light switch


Just wondering if you can help me with this, im looking for light switch brand which can reflect the status of the switch in the sitemap either if its switched on or off from OH or physically… Please recommend a brand with high AMP… Also if there is a clean tutorial for this ill be thankful…


I use Sonoff, flashed it with Tasmota and use mqtt to exchange status with my OH system

Is there any tutorial for this?

I used this youtube movie

There are a lot of tutorials on internet.
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I would check out Shelly. This shall be easy to implement via mqtt staright from the box.


For out-of-the-box functionality, I recommend TP-Link KASA switches. I have about ten of them and they work great.

I second this. Regarding Wifi plugs, TP-LINK Kasa devices provide the best out of he box experience. There is a version without power metering (HS100) and one supporting power metering (HS110), both are very well supported by OpenHAB. They require an app for setup, but no cloud account is required and after they are setup, you do not need any internet connectivity (I use firewall rules to prevent them from communicating outside the Smarthome subnet, no problems with that).
I have six of them running for two years now without a single problem to report. In fact, these devices are the most reliable components of my system.

If the last part is a requirement the above mentioned Shelly could be used, build in behind the actual switch and using the switch to trigger the shelly.