WiFi Relay

Is anyone familiar with a WiFi Relay that will communicate with OH so that I can attach to a garage door remote button? I currently have a gate that is operated by a wireless garage style remote. Inside the house I wired a wall plate push-button to the circuit board and then placed inside a wall switch electrical box. This way I have a nice push button on the wall to open the front gate.

I’s like to expand this to my Amazon Echo and have voice control over this…is there a wifi based relay I could wire up just like i did with the push-button so I can control via OH?



If you want something “off the shelf” then something like https://garageio.com/ might suit the bill.

But for about $10 you can get a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266 board that has wifi) with a Relay Shield. I used the “Homie” framework (a search of the forums should find it) and I was able to program it up easily enough to talk to my openhab server.

I have 3 of these controlling 2 garage doors and an electric gate. I also added magnetic reed switches to my setup so I can actually tell if the garage/gate is open or closed. A couple of times I still get that email from OpenHAB at 11pm at night reminding me that I’ve left a garage door open.

Another option to consider is the SONOFF product from ITEAD.