I noticed the Wikipedia entry on openHAB is very much outdated and started by removing quite some of the older stuff but the update turned out to be too big a task that I could not finish in a couple of minutes I had.

Maybe any of you users would be willing to take on this ?

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If no one gets to it I might have a chance to look at it this weekend. At least we have an entry now. I remember when Kai tried to create one and the admins argued that OH wasn’t big or important enough to warrant an entry.

Also very interesting the huge differences between the different language versions of the article

Seems like most of the last changes of the german article where cut out again. @mstormi

As far as i know wikipedia moderators can be a pain in the a** sometimes.
I wish all of you good luck, but won’t invest any time myself in wikipedia.

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The changes by @mstormi weren’t reverted. Especially the German Wikipedia has very high standards to be an encyclopedia and not a fan wiki, a manual collection or a place for advertisement.

In case somebody wants to work on it, here some hints: Especially on the German wikipedia, the article should really focus on what openHAB is and why it is relevant, explanations what it can do should be short and extremely high-level, and should NOT use openHAB-specific wording like “Binding”, “Thing”, … Ideally such explanations should be based on third party media like heise and not on the openHAB documentation, because the German wikipedia has the principle of using secondary sources and not primary sources (see here). It shouldn’t be explained how openHAB works or what the concepts of openHAB are, that’s the mission of the openHAB documentation and not the Wikipedia.

What do you want to see in the Wikipedia article?

u a bot ?