Will cloud connector 2.5.12 addon work with openhab 2.5.7?

I was having issues with getting the 2.5.7 addon to install, I did try the fix for the errors by editing sudo nano /var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg, which did work for me once in the past but not now. I had a power blink which corrupted the sd card so I had to start from scratch. I added the 2.5.12 kar file directly to the addons folder, and it did show up and install but I cannot seem to get it to connect to the cloud. I updated the UUID and Secret on my account. Is there something else I need to do to make it work or is it not possible to us newer bindings with older versions of openhab? I am running Hestia Pi, so updating may or may not be possible for me.

Typically a newer binding won’t run on an older OH but for 2.5 the core was fixed so that any 2.5.x binding should work on any 2.5.x core.

Beyond that I couldn’t say what the problem is. Do you see errors in the logs?

Ok. I will check again in the morning but I i believe it was the same error I was getting before I downloaded the .kar file. I will post the error in the morning.

Nevermind, there are no errors in the logs… Is there any setup of the openhab cloud connector that I need to do in paper ui aside from installing it that I’m not remembering?

To answer this questions we / I would have to know what you do not remember …
In such cases I think the best fitting answer is you need to have a look into the docs:

I’ve done what it says in there, install the cloud connector and update my uuid and secret. Still doesn’t register as being online. I deleted my account and started over to no avail. Also checked my uuid and secret during all this and it remained the same through the uninstall and reinstall of the cloud connector. Does the fact that I am connected via ethernet matter for some reason since its an older version of openhab? When I had this working previously I was connected via wifi. I am also running a raspberry pi 3 if that makes a difference. I previously had it running on a 2B. Sorry for the omission, it completely slipped my mind. :man_facepalming:

None of that should matter. That’s all at a level below where OH sees it. If OH can reach the Internet it’s all the same.

Ok, maybe I’ll try a fresh install on a different raspberry pi and see if it acts any different on there. Thanks for the input!