Will the new Ikea E1745 motion sensor work with the Zigbee binding?

Hello all,
after seemingly having resolved the issued with my Zigbee controller (see Zigbee controller and things suddenly all in status "unknown" (Openhabian 1.5, RPi 4, Razberry 2 Z-Wave, ITStuff CC2531 Zigbee USB)), my next step would now be to integrate the Ikea motion sensors. I have bought eight units of the type E1745, that’s seemingly the new model according to some sources.
Now I have read that about a year ago, the new model wasn’t working yet (https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee/issues/479, https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee/479/530511718, Zigbee binding) - has that actually been resolved in the meantime?
The device is found via the Zigbee binding and looks like that in the PaperUI:

Is that the expected appearance for this motion sensor?
Openhabian 1.5 on RPi 4, Razberry 2 Z-Wave, Bitron Video Zigbee USB

@chris is the binding developer. He will likely come to answer your concerns.

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Thanks @Bruce_Osborne - I am keeping poor @chris constantly busy with my issues and questions … :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the new model is working. I forget exactly why now - if I remember correctly it’s not a motion sensor - it’s a switch and it’s designed more to communicate directly to lights rather than as part of a security system which is how motion sensors are normally defined.


Thanks @chris - that helps.
I will make sure to return the devices to Ikea accordingly and look for alternative motion sensors.
Maybe a good idea to make a remark about this in https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zigbee/#devices indicating the limitations?

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Yes, I agree, unfortunately the list of supported devices is a bit ad-hoc, and very incomplete. I also don’t test all devices myself, so I’m not really 100% sure of the status as it relies on others to provide updates which seldom happens.

I may look at coming up with some sort of simple database similar to the ZWave database where we can try and capture this sort of information in a more constructive way.

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It seems that the E1745 is at least supported by some zigbee-smarthome solutions, see:

So it may be possible to integrate.

(I have not tried this myself, but I may do in the future)

I’m sure it is possible - it is just a matter of time as always :slight_smile: . I forget the issue now - it’s not a big problem, but it just doesn’t work like a standard motion sensor (as per ZigBee standards) but is presumably designed to work within the Ikea system in a different way.


Any update on this? It looks like it should work with zigbee2mqtt but I’d prefer keeping everything with the native binding.

My device: