Will there be a "Bosch Smart Home" binding?

The discription says it all, already.
I’m in the market for new Thermostats on my heaters and just found out, that Bosch released their first device exactly for that.

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything mentioned anywhere about it being integrated or ever integratable into openhab though…
Theres no mention of any sort of API on Bosch’s part, so it could get difficult, even if they state everywhere, that it is intended as an open System.
Their module already integrates Philips Hue system and two home heating solutions from other companies.

Does anyone know anything?

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Without a published API a binding seems unlikely unless someone is willing to purchase one and reverse engineer the API.

ZigBee + zwave i think
868MHz; 2,4 GHz (ZigBee©)

Zigbee support is in the works for OH 2. If someone can get ahold of the Basch users manual it can be added to the Zwave DB pretty easily if it isn’t already there.

Here’s the Manual in German.
It has the Frequencies on the first page.


I don’t speak German unfortunately and it isn’t the frequencies that are needed. See this page for what information is needed and instructions on how to add them to the database.

Well. I can’t provide those without access to a device.
Unfortunately I won’t buy one unless I know for sure that they will provide
solid API’s for it.
I won’t buy into a locked system, hence my initial questions.

At one point, Bosch was working with MiOS to source components for their Smart Home effort. Not sure what came of that, but it’s why this entry exists:

…and other fun references via Google…

If they went that route, and didn’t remove too much stuff, then it may be possible to run the MiOS binding - since its using the remote-control protocol that MiOS exposes.

To verify though, someone would need to have one of these units.

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There is a developer platform:


However, it provides SDK’s for iOS and Android. It is “free but not open source”.

No public API found yet.

The Bosch Smart Home and Home Connect Systems are two different entities.

Stupidly confusing as that may be. They are separate.

Smart Connect is from their appliances Arm (Fridges, Washing machines,

Smart Home is a new product that introduces new things like security cams,
smart shutters, lights, etc.

As far as I know, those two are not interoperable.


An API is now available… who’s gonna start first with developing a binding for it?


Is there any progress ?

would be great to have a binding for this.

I would be interested to participate. Please let me know, if someone starts this activity.

Seems like fhem has preliminary Home-Connect support, there is a discussion in German here https://forum.fhem.de/index.php/topic,29353.0.html

fhem is perl-based so it might be possible to bolt parts of it onto an openHAB installation with some exec binding items?

Has anyone else tried contacting Bosch? I’ve sent them a couple emails but never got any replies :frowning:

Hi all, you might take a look at https://github.com/robertklep/nefit-easy-client. The Nefit Easy is the same product. It would be great if this could be turned into a binding. Although with the nefit easy http server, it should already be possible to integrate I think. I use it now in domoticz as it is a ready to use hardware item. Am looking at how to integrate with openhab2 (and use http binding I guess).
Not sure that would be the most efficient way to go though?

I installed this thermostat yesterday. My purpose is to connect it to OH.
I’ll in the next weeks do an attempt to build a binding for it.

Will let you know if I make progress on it

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I’ll also appreciate an integration between OH and BSH. If there is someone able to generate a PlugIn … Highly welcome and worthy for donation.

Same here! (OH2)

Any updates around a Home Connect binding?