Win 7 Samba shares

Im running OH on a Pi 3
Trying to access the shares via a win 7 pc to use visual studio to edit the config files. every time i get a permissions error.
I tried the apply improvements. ive tried to manually set the permissions and it returns a " no such file or directory exists" when im following the instructions to the letter. Ive also tried to follow instructional videos and yet still cannot access the share. Its shows up in network locations but does not allow access.
a previously suggested The SMB 1.0/cfis fix under windows features does not exist at all. ive tried enabling and disabling password protected sharing to nil effect.

I’m finding myself pushed away from even using OH if something that should just work on the base install such as a file share doesn’t even work. let alone having any chance to actually tinker with what its supposed to be capable of for automation

The base install of OH (openHAB) has no shares It is an option in openHABian but still not installed by defauilt.

Sharing IS enabled in openHABian by default. But @Jason_Cole you did not comprehensively explain so you may not expect a proper answer.
Do you use openHABian or what OS did you install? Did you change the Samba password in openhabian-config menu ? What SMB fix are you talking about ?

Sorry. It has been a while since I installed it. Thank you for the correction.

as far as I understand this is a “fix” for backward compatibility to enable SMBv1 ( again ) on Windows as SMBv1 is deprecated for security reasons.

@Jason_Cole my suggestion would be would you mind to share your samba configuration in case you do not have it installed via openhabian.
Besides that: are there any error messages in the system log resp. in the samba logs ? The log level for samba can be increased if required.

This posting is basically off-topic. Nevertheless I want to point out that Windows 7 is no longer maintained by Microsoft since January 2020. You will no longer get security fixes. If you are in an isolated environment (translate that to “no internet access”) you are basically fine.
You may have very good reasons to stay with W7, e.g. some software which is not compatible with other operating systems or you do not like W10 at all (although it can be tweaked a lot these days and can still be updated to from a valid W7 license), but you should take precautions to avoid the risks of being attacked by unfixed security bugs.

We use the standard Samba package(s) so if they don’t include that fix you’re out of luck. Like the others I suggest you upgrade your PC.

I am fully aware of Microsoft dropping support for win 7.
However i will never run win 10 as my primary OS, Occasionally in a VM for testing maybe But the copious spyware built into the OS, Its frequent history of updates bricking devices, or breaking system features, and even re-enabling disabled selections on some of the telemetry options.
There are parts of win 10 id love to take advantage off, but I’m not willing to have my OS be a built in advertisement and data mining platform to get them.
Whilst I’m aware you can disable much of the telemetry with group policies, it can often bug the features that would make me install win 10 to begin with. and there have been a couple of cases of this still not being sufficient to stop all the the telemetry win 10 sends.

This is the same reasoning for trying to implement an Openhab system. as I want a system that works from a local server, (in this case a raspi) without having devices constantly demanding internet access to phone home to rather untrustworthy companies, who can just brick your device when they decide they want you to buy the new version, which nest has already done. This is also why, whilst i want an interactive and automated home, I refuse to own an Alexa or google home


You are of course free to use whatever client but you may not expect the openHABian server side to support you in doing so where that’s in contrast / incompatible to functionality / behavior / settings that all other users (to run Win 8+, MacOS, whatever) require or benefit from.

You can always uninstall Samba after openHABian install finished and replace it with a version to suit your needs.

I hear you, and honestly I can totally understand your point of view. I want my smart home independent from “the cloud” as well, still working without internet access in case the connection does not work for whatever reason. Running openSuse on my main machine for the reasons you pointed out.

You obviously took a well informed decision. Nevertheless there are other people out there that might benefit from the warning. As I did not know your level of understanding, please don’t take it personally. It was meant as a warning to all those people that run W7 without knowing about the risks.

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