Win32 Disk Imager not starting after Google Drive App Installation

I use Win32 Disk Imager to make backups of my Raspberry SD Cards.
After Installing Goolge Drive the Win32 Disk Imager doesn’t start anymore. The reaseon is the virtuell Goolge Drive Disk.
Does anyone know a workaround or another Windows Program to create Raspberry SD Card Backups under Windows?

You shouldn’t use this backup method. It’s unreliable, there’s no tracking, you have to take the box down etc.
If you run openHABian on your Raspi, use the builtin Amanda in openhabian-config menu 50.

I allways use two SD Card: I rewrite the new image on the second and use this to verfiy functionality.
Amanda backup doesn’t help if SD Card gets damaged.

That is a plain wrong statement.
Amanda can even do as many backup generations as you want so you can restore whatever point in time when your system was still healthy. (with your method you cannot).

FWIW, there’s also SD mirroring available in openHABian which does automatically what you do manually.

I thought the Amanda backups are stored on the SD Card. So they would be lost in case of a problem with the Card.

That would be an extraordinarily stupid setup, wouldn’t it. Thanks for assuming this …
The recommendation is a partition on a second SD card (i.e. not the boot card) so it’s still there when the boot card breaks.
There is actually no default so in fact backups are stored whereever you configure to put them (on NAS, in AWS, other local storage, whatever).

stopping the virtual mounted google drive is not an option ?

Yes, just close the Google Drive application. I tried it and it works just fine.

There’s a discussion about it on Sourceforge from last October, as Drive for Desktop is basically a rebrand of Google’s File Stream app. Someone uploaded a file that they patched. Since I’m mentioning it here, I ran it through VirusTotal and it isn’t flagged as malicious, but I haven’t tried using it. Anyone who’s going to try it should check the file themselves and not take my word for it.

I’ve been meaning to set up SD mirroring, but I have a second RPi that runs OctoPrint and Pi-Hole. So, I’d need Win32 Disk Imager anyway.

The patched Win32 Disk Manager is not installable. Dll id missing.

Yes, you missed the instructions that the person on sourceforge provided right below the file link.

Thank you! Worked fine after reading.

I am just reading the Amanda backup instruction. So far it looks very interessting und I think I will use Amanda in the future.