Wind gust from darkSky

Is it possible to get wind gust speed from darksky? I know that they send it, but I’m not sure how to map it to an item. When I turn on trace logging, I see

[nternal.connection.DarkSkyConnection] - Dark Sky response: status = 200, content = '{ … “windSpeed”:2,“windGust”:3.86

In the channel, windSpeed maps to


I don’t understand how wind-speed gets mapped to windSpeed. I guess there’s some normalization happening in the binding.

I tried wind-gust and windGust in my items file, but it’s not getting picked up. I’m also not sure if there’s any logging that I can turn on that shows the mapping.


You can’t just make up a channel on a Thing. When you look in MainUI and/or the add-ons’s docs, if you don’t see it mentioned it’s not supported.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be supported but it will require code changes to the binding to do it. Given that DarSky access will be cut off by the end of the year anyway, I’m not certain that there will be a lot of desire to make those changes.

Thanks, that makes sense. Thanks for pointing me to the docs, which I hadn’t looked at properly. It turns out that what I want is already there. It’s an Advanced channel (named gust-speed) so I had to click the Show Advanced box on the UI to see it.

Thanks for your help.

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