Windows 10 App on Intel Atom

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HI, on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (T500) with windows 10 OS I’m trying to run OH2 windows 10 app from Microsoft Store. I can’t install the app seems that the architecture is not an ARM, it’s an Intel Atom.
Or might this could be something else? I dont’t know.
I like to use the tablet as a wall mounted control for my OH2.
is there any chance to run a OH2 App on the tablet, maybe with a different OS (like Android -X86) ?

If you can’t get the Windows app to work, you can run the UI in a browser in kiosk mode. Or indeed, you can use Android and the Android app.

I suspect the Windows store app is compiled for x86 and not ARM.

Running the HABPanel in kiosk mode works perfektly, as long the windows tablet is running there is no need to chance the OS. Thanks for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.