Windows 10 Installation

  • Platform information:
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_Windows10
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu8
    • openHAB version:2.4.0

Hi, my first post, apologies if this problem has been raised previously.
Am trying to install the Windows Service, have opened the CMD prompt as an Administrator , changed the directory to C:\openhab2\userdata\bin and then typed “openHAB2-service.bat install” but then receive a “The system cannot find the path specified” error.
The file is definitely in the bin folder, so I don’t understand why this path is incorrect.
I have also tried the method in the installation instructions, but that doesn’t work either.
Thank you for any suggestions.

That works without any problems, please try again and follow all steps closely.

sihui - thank you for the advice. However, I have followed the method in the installation instructions and receive the same error. The method has worked up until I type

C:\openHAB2\userdata\bin\openHAB2-service.bat install

at the command prompt (as an administrator)

If you want to try an experimental native windows installer - look near the end of The installer features:

  1. Simple uninstaller
  2. Allows setup of backup/update schedule
  3. Optionally installs a windows service that is version agnostic and doesn’t require all the junk that karaf service requires. This is the real gem to it actually - very simple service to use…


Thank you, I’ll take a look. But still can’t work out why what appears to be a simple file path does not work - very frustrating!!
Mind you, I’m a complete novice at this stuff, so I suspect I’m doing something very basic wrong :frowning:

Sorry - I have only used the service from the installer at this point. If this is a new install - simply delete your openhab2 directory and use the installer above (make sure you check off create a service) and it should ‘just work’. If you have already set things up - you’ll need to backup/restore your config (or just blow it all away and recreate)

Note: you can use the service by itself if you want as an option and use it on your existing openhab installation. Follow: (basically just download 2 files, modify the xml file and run the service install.

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Did you follow up step 4 from the documentation?

Update the newly created C:\openHAB2\userdata\etc\openHAB2-wrapper.conf to include all necessary parameters.

  • Copy all the config text from the below (see here) section and paste it in your openHAB2-wrapper.conf , replacing all existing content.

  • Adapt the first entry (in openHAB2-wrapper.conf) ( OPENHAB_HOME ) to match your openHAB installation directory.

e.g. OPENHAB_HOME=c:\openHAB2

NOTE: If you have many folders beginning with “openhab…” then it could be that you have to use it’s DOS name e.g. openha~1 or openha~2 or openha~3 and so on.

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Yep, followed all the steps and also edited the first entry

openHAB installation dir (Adapt this first setting to your system)


Although I have just noticed that my directory does have a capital O and the wrapper a lower case O in the openhab text. not sure if that will make a difference but have changed it anyway.

Not sure what you mean re the DOS text?

Open command prompt, type cd \ [ENTER]
then type dir /x [ENTER]
You should get a list of your folders, with short name and long name.

openha~2 openhab2
openha~3 openhab4
openha~4 openhab7

Ok, got you. But no short names for OpenHAB folders. Thank you anyway. I’ll have to try tmrobert8’s suggestion as I really cannot understand why a simple file path cannot be found.