Windows 10, mqtt setup errors, mosquitto fault


I am attempting to setup OH3 R.C.1 and I am having issues getting mosquitto to run properly on my windows 10 pc. It seems that I cannot get mosquitto to run and it is stuck in the starting phase. How do I go about seeing what might be blocking it from running?

Using netstat -ab I can not seem to find anything on port 1883.

Your task manager still shows the status starting. Is it stuck in that status ?
Have you checked the windows event log if there is any entry that gives a hint what is going wrong ?

Mosquitto runs fine on my Win10 and integrates no problems. I’d start set in mosquitto.conf log all and check mosquitto.log
From there you’ll understand. I doubt it’s an issue with OH: the worst OH can do is fail to connect, but mosquitto should run fine (I assume your setup is having mosquitto installed independently, bear with me if I got that wrong)