Windows app doesn't show HabPanel

My Windows app shows only the Basic UI.
How can I get the Habpanel on that app? Do I need a binding or something else?

Add Habpanel via PaperUI > Addons > User Interfaces.

I have the UI. My Habpanel opens on a browser and smartphone app. I just want to use the app on a windows tablet I put on a wall

Sorry misunderstood the question. :upside_down_face:

Have you tried clearing the browser cache on the tablet or trying a different browser?

I don’t have any issue using the browser, firefox, I just want to use the Openhab Windows App instead but the app doesn’t show the Habpanel, just the Basic

That is as it should be, I think. These are alternative apps.

I was trying to keep the screen showing without any interference from other apps or internet going over the Habpanel. I’m using Firefox but I though the openhab app could be better.

Isn’t there an option to switch the browser to full screen? Then you have a clean HABPanel…

Yes. I’m using this option. It’s good. The only thing is that sometimes another notification or app window shows up over the panel. I think now it’s all done.
I’m using a broken tablet. It has a problem with the touch that doesn’t work on a strip close to the center of the screen so I using that space for things we don’t have to touch like climate info, clock…
I’ll show my thing here: