Windows ComSocket Bridge


ComSocket Bridge provides a two-way communication bridge between a COM/Serial PORT and TCP/IP

What it does

It bridges your COM/Serial Ports with a TCP Port.

Exampe Usages

Arduino -> Windows USB -> Com Socket Bridge (port 12800)
Client connects to the Windows running Com Socket Bridge on port 12800
Anything that goes through the Serial on the Windows host will be sent to the client.

Code (GPL v3)



I used to run this when I was running Alarm Decoder connected to a Windows Server, while the openHAB was on another machine (raspberry Pi). So my old setup was AlarmDecoder -> USB -> Com Socket Bridge -> TCP -> openHAB

But now I have my Alarm Decoder running on a dedicated OrangePi so for that I’m using ser2sock

I resurrected this project for some other usage and I thought I’d publish the code.

It’s officially in AlarmDecoder’s git page:

Hi. I’m trying to use your com socket bridge. Do I need to edit your config file at all? Or is it ready to go? I simply put the comsocketbridge folder with all your files in my program file section in windows. When I start the .exe application it says it successfully started. However doesn’t seem to connect/bridge to my AlarmDecoder AD2usb on com 5. What could I be doing wrong?

Read and edit the config file.