Windows executable file

Is it too much to ask to have a Windows executable file for setup. Surely with all the smart minds who put this project together, they could do it. I downloaded the most stable version, then the recommended java install, did the java first, then restarted PC, then did the extraction and batch file. Lots of command windows flew by, probably some with errors.
In the end it never installed.

Well - I would bet it was installed.

Like when you take your car to the garage or when you visit the doctors.
A bit more is required to provide the right diagnosis.

Opening a Windows command window enter:

java --version

what is the output ?

Starting openHAB what messages are in the openhab.log file resp. in the windows eventviewer ?
Then it is time to check what went wrong

Thanks Wolfgang, I appreciate your suggestions. There doesnt appear to be a start.exe or start.bat(that initiates the application), which is why I said it doesnt seem to load.
I removed all traces of the app and the java install and wont be going to spend any time trouble shooting this. Having worked 10 yrs for Microsoft and 15 years for Sun Microsystems, i am used to s/w, but no longer have any patience for complicated installs/configs. Thanks again.

Have a look at openhabian then

Sure but no one has volunteered to do it.

I believe there is a Chocolatey package to install openHAB but I’ve no idea if it’s still maintained. Running openHAB on Windows is done by a small minority of users so the pool of people willing to volunteer to make it better on Windows is relatively small.

In general, a Windows install is a manual install meaning:

  • install and configure Java
  • downlaod the openHAB ZIP file and extract it
  • run start.bat in the in the <OH_HOME>/runtime/bin folder to start OH

Of course, the above is the tl;dr of the Windows installation instructions in the docs.

If you don’t want to mess with this sort of thing, as @Wolfgang_S mentioned, you should look to openHABian.