Wire based roller shutter automation


I’ll start renovating my home soon and will replace the windows with new ones with roller shutters. Here ist what features I want:

  • Local switch for each room (preferably near the door and not next to the window)
  • Time/sun controlled opening/closing
  • remote control e.g. with a smartphone

The first point needs to work without openHAB.

My first thought was to use KNX as it seems to be the most robust/universal standard, but I dislike the idea of having to use ETS for even the simplest programming of the sensors/actors. It is proprietary, expensive and need a Windows PC which I don’t have. Are there any other ways to programm KNX devices in a simple setup? (I’m not afraid of complicated command line stuff :slight_smile: )
Are there any other wire based solutions?
Please note: I know there are wireless solution, but I have found way more information on wireless solutions than on wire based. So I want to limit this thread to the wire based ones.

KNX is THE universal and indeed very robust standard in home automation. If you only planning to use it for rollershutters, it’s a bit overdone! :wink:
If you’re planning to extend your home with other actuators and stuff - then go ahead!

Yes, you’ll need ETS for programming sensors and actors. But - if you setup your environment once, you won’t need many changes afterwards. I do - because I use loads of actuators and would like to finetune everything. I didn’t change my blinds (after I learned how all their GAs work! G). But I change more or less on a monthly basis, if I change some switch sensors or add some more lighting or other new devices. For that I bought the (really expensive) ETS-license… There are no other programming options as far as I know… But ETS5 is a huge step (i started with ETS3…)

But - if you only need rollershutters, you should just ask your windowmaker, which one he would use. Normally they offer some Kind of wired solution, which you cold trigger easily via openHAB. But I don’t have experience with that as I use KNX ones! :wink:

Well, assuming you don’t want to resort to proprietary solutions such as LCN, there’s indeed no wired standard other than KNX, and I suggest to refrain from going the DIY route.
Then again, there’s nothing wrong with wireless solutions. Most do allow for attaching switches (i.e. operation will still work even when server is down) and there’s portable remotes, too.
You can even put the actuators next to each other if you have centralized your cabling.