Wired wall switch without a relay?

Does anyone know of a wired (so no battery needed) wall switch that doesn’t have a relay/doesn’t control a load, and is supported in OpenHAB?

Bonus points for being Z-Wave or Insteon compatible, using a toggle switch, and/or being reasonably prices (i.e. less than a switch that does have a relay/control a load).

Such a wall switch would be useful in controlling devices that have their own on/off controls and need to have power continuously - like Hue or LIFX light bulbs, for example. Thle switch item’s state change would trigger a rule that would turn the target device’s item on or off.

As a almost-but-not-quite example (but with a relay so it doesn’t count), here is an Insteon ToggleLinc Relay:


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So if I understand you correctly what you are looking for is a scene controller. You don’t want this switch wired to anything, you just want to be notified that the switch was toggled so you can trigger sine rules.

If so, searching for zwave scene controller may be helpful. I’ve seen several, though all I’ve seen usually have 4 toggles or buttons, not just one.

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Thanks! I had no idea they were called scene controllers.

For the WAF, I wish I could find a simple inexpensive toggle switch scene controller since they would match all the traditional non-smart switches in the house.

Most ZWave switch inserts will do what you want - certainly those from Fibaro, Qubino and Aeon will. I use a number of Fibaro devices in the UK behind standard switches and they work well.

Don’t expect the cost to be less because it doesn’t have a relay - it’s not normally a cost driver.

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I started looking at momentary toggle wall switches to avoid switch vs state mismatch (and be closer to the Insteon ToggleLinc switches), but it looks like the price of the ZWave switch insert plus the momentary toggle wall switch would be even higher than the ToggleLinc Relay switch. I think I’ll just try the plain-jane toggle switch on a ZWave switch insert first.

I am about to embark on my first OpenHab project, and I have exactly the same question. Ideally, I would like to use battery-less no-relay-needed switches (transmitters) that look good on the wall. I have not found anything I like very much, yet, but a thing to add to the discussion would be MK Echo, which generates power when button is pressed using EnOcean technology. Expensive but looks good. I wonder how well do they integrate with OpenHab. I look forward to more suggestions.

Did you see the EnOcean binding page? I don’t know if it is up-to-date and working in OH 1.8.3 or OH2 - and it sounds like it only supports the USB 300 stick controller from the EnOcean Development Kit (EDK).

I see some neat devices from EnOcean also:

If anyone is trying to use the Aeotec Micro Smart Switch (MSS2E) as just a switch and not a relay, the following may help save you some time.

Make sure to do the following so OpenHAB will receive the state of the switch:

  1. The item’s zwave definition must include respond_to_basic=true. Example: Switch MantleLightSwitch "MantleLightSwitch" <light> (Lights, Theater) { zwave="15:command=switch_binary,respond_to_basic=true" }
  2. The node’s ZWave configuration must have “80: Notification on Status Change” set to “Basic CC Report Sent” (via HABmin, for example)

Otherwise, OpenHAB won’t receive state updates for the switch.

Try designing your own :slight_smile: I managed to use ESP8266 + MQTT to achieve the same thing as the ToggleLinc switch you mentioned, but for only USD20.00. It also means you can keep your existing switches, so no one would know your house is “smart”.

Msg me if you need a hand getting started.

There are many options in Z-Wave at least - most manufacturers make modules that can be used with any switch. I do this mainly with Fibaro switches and use a front panel from the MK grid range (available in the UK - I don’t know about elsewhere).

Aeon, Fibaro, Qubino, and many other manufacturers have such modules that can fit behind normal faceplates.

However, most of these switches (probably all) do have relays inside them - I’m not sure why people want them without relay - you don’t need to wire them up, and you can just use them as a transmitter. I guess that the thinking is that by not having a relay, it will be cheaper, but generally this will not be the case when manufacturers are manufacturing in bulk.

Not sure if I understand the question correctly, but if I do I think ANY insteon switch will work for you. You connect them to power and don’t have to use the load control, just don’t connect that lead to anything. Pressing the switch will be picked up by OH (via insteon PLM [don’t use the hub - its slower]). You then use OH rules to trigger whatever you want to do when it received on or off commands from the switch. You can also look at their 6 or 8 button keypads. Those only have 1 of the buttons connected to a load control, but you can also leave that disconnected as I mentioned for the switch as well.

when you say "You then use OH rules to trigger whatever you want to do when it received on or off commands from the switch", can i create a rule for two ways switch?

since a few months, i am trying to find a good/cheap solution for two ways z-wave switches without neutral . do you have any recommendations?