Wirefree light switch?


I am planning to build my openhab with a raspberry pi and I want to start with the lights. I have an open plan living room with several halogen bulbs in the ceiling for the kitchen area and a single bulb on the tv area. There is only 1 switch for the kitchen lights and is not in the kitchen area.

I was thinking if will be possible to use an smart switch and then have a wirefree switch in the kitchen that can send a message to openhab to switch the smart switch for the kitchen. I probably would like the same for the living room to add switchs close to the sofa without any kind of cable installation. Are there any wirefree switch that can do that for openhab?


You probably should have a look at the several wireless mesh solutions out there :wink:

So at least zwave and zigbee comes to mind:

To be honest, you don’t even need openHAB for that.

openHAB (and the bindings mentioned above) comes into play, when you’re going to automate/integrate things :wink: