Wireless Door Sensor

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(Marcel Oliveira) #1

Dear Colleagues,

I’m using some door/windows sensors based on ESP8266 + wired power, but right now I need to define a new structure for door/windows sensor wireless and that must run on batteries. WHich are the best HUB or solution for? Please find below some solutions that I have found so far

  • ESP8266 (mqtt+reed) + deepsleep + battery (30 days of battery autonomy)
  • Zigbee solution (is it possible to deploy my network? I have check some xiaomy/z-wave but it’s quite expensive and a HuB must be added). It’s supporting 2-4years with same battery
  • RF433 (Im my researchs I found that a special sensor to send to codes is needed (open/close) + a Hub gateway (sonoff bridge).

May you give your tips&hints about in order to figure out the best solution for my needed?!

(Hammar) #2

I suggest openHAB plus Aeotec Z-wave controller; then choose your door sensor. I use the Fibaro sensors https://www.fibaro.com/en/products/door-window-sensor/

(anonymous.one) #3

I went with mono price for my door/window sensor - https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15270

I’m still working on finding an ideal solution for some of my windows which open from the top and bottom and will probably go with reed connections ran into the mono price device.

I do believe my oldest door sensor on a heavily used door for over a year is still reporting 100% for battery life. Keep in mind that it uses a CR123A battery.

I also agree that the zwave way can cost more, but pre-made and stable devices for me means I don’t have to hear my wife complaining when something doesn’t work as expected.

(Psyciknz) #4

Or this: http://www.instructables.com/id/LoRa-Tooth-Small-Wireless-Sensors/

Bluetooth based, longer battery life…but does require bluetooth “gateways” dotted around the place.

(Tommy Sharp) #5

I would suggest researching “MySensors” and going the Arduino and RF route…

(Michel Die Sichel) #6

May take a look at the KERUI Door Sensors in combination with a SONOFF 433MHz Bridge and the Tasmota Firmware.
This Setup works great for me, so maybe for you too.
The Sensor sends signals while opening /closing the Window and removing the Sensor.
One advantage is that you can read as many sensors as you want and also send commands via the bridge.

better order in china direct

Have fun

(Marcel Oliveira) #7

Hey Michael,

thanks so much, I really appreciate your answer! I can’t find this sensor in Brazil, do you know how to check if another sensor is able to send close & open sinals? Almost of all is just sending when it’s open, but not when they are “close” again I need to try to find another vendor for. Another topic, do you have temperature sensor, gas and other sensors is your house? Which one do you use?

(Igor) #8

I have in my setup Kerui, WDS-07 and Xiaomi.
All of them send open and close signals.
As of today, I am slowly moving to Xiaomi only, because they are more reliable, battery life is 1 year and you can see battery level.
Xiaomi sensors can be cheep if you are purchasing them at sale time from China. For instance I was able to get some Aqara Door Sensors on Gearbest for USD7 each - just check when sensor are on sale on Gearbest or Aliexpress.
Plus MiHome binding is working great.

(Marcel Oliveira) #9

Hi Igot,

Sounds good! It’s a good solution, which gateway have been using from Xiaomi? Is the temperature sensor and other working good as well?

Thanks in advance Igor!

(Michel Die Sichel) #10

Hey Marcel,
the only other sensor I use, is an ordinary DHT22 Sensor on an ESP8266-E12 with Tasmota Software for temperature and humidity in the cellar. On the same ESP I got a door contact and a water detecting contact. So, 3 in 1, but not in batterie modus.

(Igor) #11

Standard Gateway2 - have 2 of them. Why 2 ? - because I have big house - distance is problem and many users reported that if you have more 30 devices on one gateway, some isuues may arise. But I have seen comments that one is using one gateway with 45 devices without problems.
Yes, Temp sensors working great, only one thing - they report data only when temp changes or once in 30 minutes aproximately if nothing changes.
Check Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding and review https://community.openhab.org/t/mi-xiaomi-smart-home-bindings.