Wireless garden sensor royal gardineer

Is there any way known to connect these garden sensors to openHAB?
It’s connected via bluetooth.

Could maybe the same as this device?!?

There’s a FHEM article - so it should be possible to use openHAB, too…

Maybe have a look here:

According to my opinion, this is exactly the same device.

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But before you buy hundreds of those, please test with a small number first. :wink:

It’s just an opinion/assumption to be the same device.

I have never seen a product developed by Pearl, all those stuff is relabeld from other manufacturers. And i do not think it is possible in this price segment to have two identically looking products and being identically feature wise, which are not the same.

I just bought two of them from aliexpress yesterday. If i knew pearl had them not much more expensive (8€/pc) i would have bought from them, just because of a delivery time of at least three weeks.


did you make them work with OpenHAB?