Wireless lightbulb with possibility to read state


It is my first post here so please be polite :slight_smile:
In fact, I went well with building my automation setup using the forum and without asking about anything but there are some question I have to ask you because I did not find answer (if you know any subject which solves my question, please direct me there)

I used in my setup milight bulbs (bridgev3) which can only recieve information without possibility to read their present state. It is really anoying when I would like to dim lights to 0 without knowing present state, because only supported command is to set some value. It is useless because when bulb is set to (brightness)40 I cannot read it and set it to 45 then 40…etc. I can only blindly ececute rule which starts form some point eg. 80-75-70… which causes that bulb firstly brigthen to 80 (from 40) and then goes down.

It is probably impossible to solve with my present bulbs but my question is:
do you know which wireless lightbulbs support 2 ways communication and which not? I am looking for some lightbulbs which is well supported by openhab and I will be able to read present state from lightbulb.


Hi. Welcome. We are all here to help . Have alook at these and also look at tasmota. If you see chance in flashing .

Send more info on the lights you use will se what we can see and do to maby help.


To be honest I would prefer to avoid flashing. Soldering in small bulbs is not always easy and needed with maaany devices. I succeed with flashing one T1 switch but don’t want to repeat it with 20 bulbs(unless OTA possible). On the other hands, sonoff without flashing is useless. Still lost connection to server and unavailable.

What about other bulbs like yeelight, tplink, Hue etc? Do you know if they have feature to inform about their present state?

According to https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/milight/#thing-configuration I have rgbwLed and I did not find any way to solve my issue with them

I used the MiLight bulbs in the past and unfortunately you are correct there is no way around the one-way communication. For a while I just lived with having to send the state I wanted, but you couldn’t tell if they had already been turned on/off by something else.
I picked up a cheap Hue starter kit at the most recent Amazon day sale and have changed a few of my lights to use the Hue and some cheaper ZigBee lights that are compatible with the Hue Bridge (Nue by brand).
I also use Aeon z-wave bulbs but they are more expensive than the Nue bulbs.
I think all the bulbs you list report current state.

Tplink is supported, status can be read, communicates via WiFi.

I know that hue supports feedback and has a binding that can help aswell

So depends on the way you want to go.

I use the T1 and flashed them with espurna. And i am happy with them.