Wiring Diagram Question: Enerwave ZWN-RSM2

Greetings. I am interested in best practices / pitfalls to avoid / corrections to my understanding. Safety is always first priority.


Two co-located light switches will be electronically control with the z-Wave relay. I selected a z-Wave relay for this task. This is the link to the install documentation (click here).


Per the diagram below: my understanding is that the two nodes labeled ‘Line’, in the red box, is the ‘Hot’ wired side of the switch. => Therefore the other node of the light switch is to be wired into the AUX. If this is correct then, the switches in the diagram are the current light switches and will energize the relays to connect the Hot to the corresponding load (light).

The hot side of the switch will be electrically confirmed using a Sperry Instruments Electrical Tester ST-400A to the switch with the light off. I expect the other electrical node of the switch to connect to the load (light).


How would one electrically verify (test) that a particular wire is the Neutral?

  • If wiring color convention is followed, then it is white, but this is not electrical verification
  • Assumption: Load 1&2 wiring are assumed to be connected to the switch
  • Assumption: there is a neutral wire in the box: building erected in 2004


Thank you for reading my post and providing a constructive / helpful reply. I am interested in best practices / pitfalls to avoid / corrections to my understanding

The easiest way to see if a wire is neutral or hot is to measure to ground. Most panel boxes have the neutral and ground tied together where the breakers are. when you measure from hot to (neutral or ground) and you will have ~120V. when you measure from neutral to ground you should have near ~0V