Wiring help for aeotec micro switch

Hello Everyone,

so I was about to proceed ahead to replace my current flip switched with an aeotec micro switch and touch panel but turns out the wires inside are not color coded.

am hoping the community is able to help me figure this out.

link to the manual: http://aeotec.com/z-wave-in-wall-switches/848-micro-ses-2e-manual-instructions.html

please see attached picture of my wall switch.

This one is a simple on-off switch. i thought I could just disconnect the old one and replace the wires in the corresponding slots on the microswitch.

That is a standard switch setup power is coming in from the branch circuit and powering the switch and then going to the next device. There is a white wire in the back of the box that is wired together that is the neutral. The black wire from the blue wire nut is going into the switch is the line in from the breaker. the other black is the line out from the switch to the light.


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Thanks for the reply.

So the black wire without the blue nut will go in the load L. The one with the blue nut will go in the Live part of the aeotec switch correct?

Regarding the neutral wire, I don’t need an free neutral wire in the box. I see one end of it attached to the metallic housing. Do I unscrew that and plug in the micro switch?

Thanks again

The white wire in the back of the box(neutral) goes to AC Power “N”. The black wire with the blue wire nut goes to AC Power “L”.The other black without a wire nut goes to Load “L”. Then the switch gets wired to signal connection.

Thanks @LeXLuther422 Just finished completed all the wiring. apart from the physical touch panel working as a momentary switch, everything else is working well.

Although I have run into another problem, the box is not wide enough to fit the microswitch. are there any smaller microswitches available? i would hate to have to make all the boxes wider in the house.

I use Insteon dimmers and keypads in my setup. They fit in all my electrical boxes and the dimmers look like normal decora switches. Here is an example…

I guess that is what I will be ordering now. This seems like too much of a hassle to install zwave switches.

I think Leviton has some ZWave switches at Home Depot and Lowes.

EDIT: Make that GE…

GE ZWave Dimmer Switch

Wife wants touch panels now lol

took two days but finally able to get it installed. thought i should share my workaround.

  1. i cleaned up all the extra wire and left just enough for the switch in the box.
  2. i put in the microswitch side ways and not hooked it up to the screw on panel. (make sure everything is insulated properly.
  3. cut the wire from the touch panel as well to reduce the amount of wiring in have in the box.

good luck to anyone else who takes on this challenge.

now i only have to do this a dozen or so more times.