Wiring help for power cord


I am getting ready to hook lfm-20 module to my garage opener.

I cut a computer power core but the colors are confusing me. One of the black wires is the line ( tested hot with my tester) but not sure about neutral and load. Should.I assume the other black is load and the blue is the neutral.

How do I figure this out?


Use the ohm meter mode of your tester to check which wire goes to the neutral pin on the plug, and which one goes to ground.

i dont think my non contact voltage tester will be able to do that.

I’m not sure about the US (it looks like a us plug?), but in the UK and I think Europe, neutral and ground are connected together in or near the entrance to the property so you won’t be able to tell using a voltmeter…

An ohm-meter costs next to nothing - getting it wrong is likely to be a lot more costly :wink:

you are absolutely right.

i am gonna go out and buy one shortly and then send you a request to add this device to habmin.



switch added to the network, here is a screenshot

So the device is not in the database - can you provide a link to the device (that shows the configuration) and create an issue in the OH Issue tracker.


The only documentation I have is the manual: https://www.aartech.ca/related/LFM-20-SPEC.pdf

if that is not what you are looking for could you help me point to some resources to help me understand what you need?

there is no entry for this device in pepper1 database.

I also looked in the zwave server when I initially added this to the network but could not find anything. I might have been looking at the wrong place.


the following is the email reply from evolve.

Unfortunately the LFM-20 does not have any specific configuration parameters. Here are the supported Command Classes for the device:
Z-Wave Supported Command Classes:
• Z-Wave Controlled Command Classes: COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Evolve Support”

That’s strange… They say it doesn’t support configuration, but then list COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION as a supported command class…

I’ll add this to the database, but obviously the only thing that will change is the name…


everything still looks the same for me in my habmin. do i need to update anything?

edit 1: I replaced the zwave jar file with the new one from the cloudbees but not habmin is not even able to connect to openhab. the online status remains gray.

edit 2: tried to update the file again. this time habmin is able to connect but the product explorer list is empty and all the devices are missing from the devices tab as well