WiringPi / WebIOPi / bcm2835 for relays and motor drivers

Does bindings exist for WiringPi, WebIOPi and/or bcm2835?

This will add support for Raspberry Pi HATs with relays suchs as:

and (stepper) motor drivers such as:

I am new to these kind of HATs. I was wondering, perhaps some support already is (partly) there or in the making? I found:

See also:

I can suggest a solution of using mcp23017 through Node-RED together with Openhab. It works perfectly for me on Openhab 3 version. I don’t have time to do an upgrade to version 4.
I use the following nodes in Node-Red

I do the automation in Node-RED. Openhab serves as frontend + data management and storage.

With me it works 128 OUTPUT (relays) and 384 Input (switches, window and door sensors, motion sensors, etc.). The configuration has been working with me continuously for 2-3 years.
As for hardware I use this: