With Serial Binding query from sensor


I want to query the data from a sensor that connectet with the serial port from my pi and i don’t now
how can i query the data.
it’s on an rasbarry pi

version openhab : 2.5.0
serial interface: ttyAMA0

We need a LOT mote info than this to be able to even start helping

Please read: How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You

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Ok, Which info need you ?

Did you read the link above?

yes a litl bit.

Well, a little bit is not enough.
Did you read the serial binding documentation? ALL OF IT?
What is your set-up? Hardware, OS…
Version of openHAB
Version of JAVA

What is the serial interface? ttyACM0?
What protocol is used on the serial interface? 8N1?
What baudrate?

What does your device expect as an input?
What is it supposed to respond?

Does it work with a serial terminal?
If yes, what settings?

If you don’t understand some or all of these questions, then go back and read and learn about it.

ok i will edit it but i have seen many topics which have the same amount of information.

Ok so far you have answered 2 out of the ten questions above.
We NEED this info to help

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ok whait can you say me how i can do this whiet the serial teminal ?

Google: serial terminal

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