Withings Binding Setup

Hi All,

I started with openhab last summer and now (openhab 1.8) tried to activate the withings binding, but had no luck so far.
I tried several “arbitrary keys”. It seems the keys need to be present in the openhab.cfg, before the “withings:startAuthentication” can be initiated.

Does anybody have a working example how these should look like?
I guess they should follow the pattern as listed in the wiki in the “Multiple accounts” section, but where have they been generated/How can I generate my own?

I even tried own customer keys and went through the procedure at http://oauth.withings.com/api manually
The oauth redirect always returns(regardless of customer key present or not):

openHAB Withings Binding
Authenticated successfully. Withings OAuth Service returned the following parameters:
Authorization failed. Please try to execute the authorization process again.

Which doesn’t really help.

Any ideas?

I guess I’m just missing a single step.

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Did you get this to work? I seem to have the same issue, and the previous posts on the topic kind of ends unresolved.

Did anybody have any luck with this? I’m stuck trying to find out what my accountID is


no, not really.
I’m still under the impression, that not really much is missing.

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