Wlan stops working suddenly

  • Platform information: Rasp Pi 4 with 4GB Openhabian latest Version

My openhab system was working for more then a half year without any problems and yesterday wlan istn´t working anylonger. Problems with pasing IP it says in the openhab welcome screen after reboot. No change with plugged ethernet cable.

Is there a solution known? Yes I could start with a freshsystem and use a autobackup of the openhab, but anybody knows how to save my node-red configuration with all the flows I made?

In the moment the only way is to use a monitor and keyboard.

  • Is there a solution for the wlan problem or perhaps a known reason?

  • Where are (which folder) the flows located (should be one json file)

Thank you for help

did you also try if a reboot of your router solves the problem ?

Yes, I tried to start the router, but no change.

Can you maybe share some logging from your raspberry pi?
It looks like a problem with a static IP in the raspberry pi, did you set any that you know of?

Yes - the static IP is set in the fritzbox. After Ive deleted this in the fritzbox configuration, openhabian was able to connect via ethernet.

Now I could save my node red flows :slight_smile:

Do you know if its better to set static IP at router level or in Openhabian?

Good to hear that it is working now!
Probably a problem with handing out the static IP to the Raspberry Pi.

Do you know if its better to set static IP at router level or in Openhabian?

Personally I would say, set in in your router. then you have a central point for the administration of your IP addresses. If for some reason your network changes, you only have to change it in your router.

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Have you ever come across this daring, revolutionary new concept of reading the docs ?

Hi Markus,

you know how it is - panic mode, because hole Smarthome is down and no nerves to read docs :sweat_smile:

But thanks for reminding and sending the link. I only know the old(er) docs and I´m flashed by the new ones.

Greets Peter