Wled Binding how to install


I have built a PingPong Lamp based on Wled. In Openhab I turn it On/ Off via a dummy switch and a rule with http requests.

To control the hole wled lamp I tried to use the Wled Binding, but I´m not able to bring it into openhab to install it.

Because I´m still at rookie level, I need a step-by-step tutorial how to install that wled binding.

After searching for some hours without finding a solution, I´m very confused and frustrated.

Thanks for help

What operating system is openHAB running on? And how did you install it?

Openhab is running on a raspberry pi 4 - installed via max2play

That’s a new one for me!

Presumably you have the .jar file?

Check the table at the below link, and look for the row Additional add-on files. You will hopefully have one of those folders, into which you need to copy the jar file.

They claim to be their own OS and there is not official installation for that OS. Perhaps they can better support that binding. There is no official OH binding with that name.

Perhaps there’s some confusion here. @Superpedro only said openHAB is installed on top of max2play. Nothing about a max2play binding. He’s actually trying to install the WLED binding which is actively maintained by @matt1

And there is no official OH binding with that name.

Yes, max2play is only a framework based on a raspbian distribution.

Here I found the binding:

When I put the .jar file to the folder, nothing found at the binding tab of the paper UI and after rebooting OH the file is gone ???

What folder?
Manually installed bindings never appear in the Paper UI
The file should not normally disappear unless it is in a temporary folder.

Is working now :grinning:

I copied the file to the addon folder, but forget that it was a zip. After unzipping tata there was the .jar File and every thing ist working fine

Thanks for helping


There is now, the binding got merged around 5 days ago and is showing up in openhab 3 in the snapshot builds. It won’t show up in the docs until openhab 3 stable is released when all the docs will change to showing the V3 versions.

Sorry, I was unaware of that but there is still no official OH2 binding

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