WLED Binding (newer json api BETA)

This binding is newer than the binding found in versions before the 3.2 Stable release and the changes have now been merged. The big difference is that this one uses the json API instead of the http API that the older version binding uses. It has more features and is far better at supporting multiple segments purely because the json API is more actively developed and tested in the firmware. If upgrading from the older binding, delete and add your things (use the same uniqueID and don’t delete the items to make it very quick) to unlock the newer channels, otherwise they will not be seen. See the changelog below for a list of new features.

Source code was merged in this PR

Example Controls

Not all the controls fitted so there are more especially if you have RGBW strips.


  • Tertiary (third) Colour channels added.
  • Auto hides the white channels if your LEDs do not have a white pixel.
  • Better support for segments.
  • Playlists are supported in a new channel. Requires V0.13.0 Firmware for this to work.
  • More than 16 presets supported with newer firmware.
  • Named presets are now supported and the list in openHAB updates to show the names.
  • Named presets can be created/saved via an action.
  • Mirror channel added.
  • Reverse channel added.
  • Live Override channel added.
  • Grouping channel added.
  • Spacing channel added.
  • Binding auto reconfigures to match your firmware, so all firmware’s newer than V0.8.4 are supported.



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Please note the updated publishing rules and add a link to your PR…


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Thanks :+1:

As the PR is now merged and part of 3.2 version, I guess this version should be unpunished from the marketplace.