[WLED] Control channels

Hey there,
Just tested the new 3.2 binding using the new JSON API and I really like it.
Quick question on two controls.

Can I control the left hand “power” button from Openhab?
And can I control the overall brightness as the top right dimmer?
I tried the MasterControl Channel in OH, but that seems to have different control.
Thanks much.

Glad you like it, the changes are far better for using segments in particular.

Yes you can by using the http or mqtt bindings, the wled binding has not implemented them yet. See here for more detailed reply.

There is also a bug in the 3.2 stable binding which will be fixed in the next milestone or you can already download a fixed jar from the thread linked above. Please read at least 4 of my posts in that thread. Your probably wanting the controls because of the bug, so get the fix and it is less of an issue as the binding can turn the global on if it is off and you turn a segment back on.

Thanks for your swift reply and pointing to the other thread. Will take a look at the MQTT setup for now as I have some other MQTT devices anyway.

You can now try the newer version of the binding to get the global controls.

WLed: A binding for controlling LED strips and strings from an opensource esp8266 project - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community