Wled, in openHAB, controlled with google home - questions

Hey everyone, I’m curious about the question.
I have a wemos d1 coming and a couple argb led strips laying around and I was thinking how I could control them.
I’ll take a guess and assume that the basic stuff google home already recognizes like “on, off, color change, brightness change” and work fine. But what about the color modes?
How do you ask google to, for example, change the mode from, I dunno, fireworks to rainbow, or static?
How do you expose that channel to google? How does it work overall?

Yes that all works great. However it is different with the presets as I am not sure if google supports 100+ effect names. I think it is a limitation unless there is a way to do preset / favourites loading.

I just setup a virtual switch that google can move and use a rule to set what I want to achieve. This means having to say turn on xxxx. Since it is only a Christmas tree I use it to enable the auto scrolling fx aka playlist, and if I want a static color it is more natural to turn to google for this.

I see. So in the end you’d end up with as many buttons in google home, as animation modes you’d want to change to…?

That is how I do it as I don’t want to recall exact fx, just start a playlist running is all I want.

Your question is probably best made more generic so more people look at it. What your wanting to know is if a String item with options can be controlled via the Google home / cloud connector. Since your topic mentions wled a lot of people don’t have that and won’t bother to read this thread.

Youmay want to look at using it as a TV channel as that may work allowing you to ask directly the fx you want. Never tried it so hence I would make your topic appeal to more people to click on as this is not a wled question but a Google connector question.

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