Wmbus binding in official branch?

Under please compile for new OH versions · Issue #3 · KuguHome/openhab-binding-wmbus · GitHub there can be seen some people still work on that binding (very much appreciated).

But seems like the branch isn’t in plan to be part of the official openHAB distro.

I know the ressources of the developers are rare, but would be much appreciated if some can take the task to make wmbus binding part of the openHAB solution.

Because of new law in 2022 wmbus getting very important in administration of houses and flats

Hey Jens,
I do have a plan to take care of this binding next year (I am still on OH 3.0.x with my production setups). I don’t have much capacity for this binding this year, but it is on my radar for second quarter of 2022. Major part of functionality in this wmbus binding (18k LOC out of ~25k+, not counting here checked in jmbus parts) has been written or re-written by me between October and December 2018 as a part of commercial agreement between ConnectorIO and Kugu-Home we had back then. As far I know Kugu is not using very actively this binding any more, so new maintainer must step up.

Since 2018 I learned several things about OH, especially how to handle “manufacturer specific” data parts. They are very common in the field, often used to signal leak in additional data blocks which are using bit-encoding.
I’ll be able to confirm that binding works with amber stick, I miss others. I recall you had troubles with water measurements in other forum thread and I was one of people who advised you to go with WM-Bus for legal reasons. Up until binding is available you can still read out data through wetmeeters or openmuc which expose information in processable way.

Kind regards,

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Very much appreciate all your work. Due to my personal lack of knowledge I could only assist in testing and documentation;) but I promise: this part I will assist.

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