WOL binding & Google Home

Hi, I have problems to see my WOL item in google home.
I created the item in the .items file. it is working ok, _I tested it in HABPanel. Also In the paper ui services, openhab cloud service IFTTT list my item is there.

When I check also the myopenhab.org cloud the item is updated there. But when I go to my google home app I cannot see it. I just see other 2 items (lg webos that I created a month ago).
In the past when I created the lg webos items I faced with the same problem, and the solution was to add a “Switchable” tag. But with WOL binding it is not working, or maybe I have not the correct syntax:
Switch networkPC “Computadora” <“Switch”> [“Switchable”] {wol=“”, exec=">[OFF:shutdown -s -m \\ -t 0 -f]"}

What I am doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance!