WOL Binding via binding-wol1 - 1.9.0

Hello Everybody,

I am currently working on the topic openHAB and have already installed it on a Raspi 3.
Intermediate goal is actually that I am sitting in the living room and by Amazon Echo, TV (IR) Mac (WOL) and Yamaha Reciever (binding) goes on and off.
Currently it has come to a halt at the WOL.
I have installed the WOL binding (WOL (Wake-on-LAN) binding binding-wol1 - 1.9.0) via addons / bindings.

Now I want to select something in Inbox> Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Binding> Select Thing, but there is … nothing.
I thought maybe only through the Network Binding Addon there something appears … doesn`t help.

Does anyone have experience with it and can give me a hint?

Best regards

1.x bindings under OH2 must be configured manually, you will need to define an Item in an .items file

Hello rossko57,

thanks for that input. It helped me to finde the right way to do this.

This is my actual .item code.

Switch Wohnzimmer "MBP"	(Status, Network)	{ wol="" }

Strange thing… currently I´m not 100 percent sure if it works or not.
The Mac is connected to a Master/Slave Connector strip which switches when I use the WOL Button, but the TV gets no Input :open_mouth:

Don’t really understand your comment. I understood your TV was IR controlled, WoL binding won’t affect that. Maybe need an IR Blaster or something?
No idea how this “Master/Slave Connector strip” is controlled by whatever you mean by WOL button?

Hi rossko57

sorry that was a little bit confusing.
I have an MacMini which is connected to the TV via HDMI.
The Mac is even connected to a Master/Slave Socket which shines green when the Mac wakes up.

In this case I send to WOL Package to the Mac, the Sleeping LED on the Mac stops flashing and the Master/Slave Socket shines green. But the TV (which is all the time on in this testing case) shows no input.

Maybe its a Mac Problem with WOL. I will go further on this.



Good Day
I am currently starting with openHAB and i am complete noob!
Have no exp with script or any programming, although im learning as i go.
I want to create a WOL button to switch on my 2nd pc from my RPi3 with openhab interface.
I read the instruction on oH site and they are greek to me. I undertand the networking part, but not how to write an .item file and where to place it.
If anyone can link me a step by step guide for these basic beginner stuff i’d be glad, as i start doing these ill learn the program and be able to do more on my own as i go.

@ganesh.ingle This sounds amazing! Are you still working on this? Is it usable now?