WOL configuration via Web UI

I am new to OpenHAB and tried to use the WOL addon. After installing it, I did not know how to proceed. Apparently one needs to manually change a config file, since it is a legacy addon. So are there any plans of “upgrading” this to a normal addon?

I assume that would allow configuration via Web UI then.

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The Wake-on-LAN binding does not have a configuration file

I don’t know exactly what you are trying to say.

What I am suggesting however is a configuration of the binding which can be done via the Paper UI as well.

The documents of the binding clearly state the “binding does not have a configuration”.

There is nothing to configure.

There is no need for a configuration file nor a configuration in PaperUI.

Everything the binding needs to work is defined on the Item.

See the link I provided for details on how to define an Item.

The problem is that the item configuration expected by this binding is not possible via the PaperUI as far as I know.

That is correct. Only 2.0 Bindings can be used with PaperUI.

That is why I asked

So are there any plans of “upgrading” this to a normal addon?
I assume that would allow configuration via Web UI then.

as I guess that in long term it makes sense to convert all legacy addons to 2.0.


This is an open source project. There are not plans so much as someone volunteers to do the work to rebuild the binding as a 2.0 binding. Volunteers are always welcome.

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Alright. Lets hope, someone volunteers to do the rebuild, if the official maintainers don’t plan to do this.

I think someone did, but I don’t know if it will get in the official add-ons section though. I tried installing it with the following steps in the PaperUI:

  • Go to Add-ons and, section MISC and install Eclipese IoT Market
  • Refresh the page and go to Bindings where you now find 3 different bindings when you type Wake on LAN
  • Click install on the one with the highest version number

After this I’n stuck as it’s not showing up in the Configuration > Bindings section and I can’t create a Thing.

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You can try to use the “standard” WoL binding (wol1)

Install it from PaperUI and then define manually your items like:


Switch	GamerPC		"Gamer PC"	(gWoL)	{wol=""}
Switch	NAStorage	"NAStorage"	(gWoL)	{wol=""}

Then, add these new items in your sitemap and you are ready.
When you flick the switch to ON, it will transmit (broadcast) the WoL magic packet to the network with the MAC Address as the recipient.

For the IP: Use the broadcast address of your LAN (ends in .255 for Class C networks)

Read more on: http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/wol1/readme.html

by whom? :slight_smile:

come again…?

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Thank you very much @Dim for the clear example. I was finally able to create the item in a correct way I think. I don’t really know what you mean by SiteMap but I am trying to add a simple ON/OFF button to HAPpanel. So I can easily start the NAS. Can you point me in the right direction on how I can address the Thing in the HABpanel? The Item can be selected but I don’t know what Command value should be given…

I found it :smile: It’s as simple as:

  • Add a button to HABpanel
  • Select your Item in my case ‘Kodi box’
  • Action type: Send a fixed command to an item
  • Command value: ON

Works like a charm! Thank you thank you thank you.

Slowly but surely we’re getting somewhere :blush:


I don’t like the concept of paid bindings.


That is unfortunate. There is the IOT Marketplace or you can distribute it yourself. However, with a binding like this, I strongly suspect someone will implement a 2.x version binding for distribution with OH. I do not expect that it is going to be easy to sell a binding like this for long.

I also don’t like the concept of paid OpenHAB, there is Eclipse Smart Home for that, afaik.