WOL exec issues

I have WOL working nicely and brings my win 10 PC to life.
The issue is the remote shutdown, I have this working from a shell script on another server that is triggered by ALexa and ran using IFTT; now I would like OH2 to perform this same function from the sitemap.

I think I have done what is requested in the WOL wiki page and have played around with variations I always seem to see the same error returned so not sure what I am doing wrong.

In wol.items I have the following (user,password replaced)
I run OH2 on linux.

Switch WOL_Hal "HAL" (network) { wol="", exec=">[OFF:net rpc shutdown -C 'Shutting down at remote request' -I -U USER%PASSWD]" }

in sitemap

		Text label="WOL" icon="settings" {
			Switch item=WOL_Hal label="Hal"		

The error I receive is:

13:43:44.307 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘WOL_Hal’ received command OFF
13:43:44.319 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WOL_Hal changed from ON to OFF
13:43:47.734 [ERROR] [hab.binding.exec.handler.ExecHandler] - An exception occurred while formatting theommand line with the current time and input values : ‘Conversion = ‘N’’

I could really do with some help.



But which Exec binding have you installed? Legacy 1.x and native 2 versions are very different. There are many guides and old posts referring to 1.x ways of working.

Installed the one in OH2, version binding-exec - 2.0.0
I have had to temporary uninstall binding as getting that error message all the time.
Not sure why…

Its because the parameter in your Switch is intended for exec binding 1 and the binding 2 cannot digest it.

I would remove that exec parameter from your Switch Item, install Exec2 and have a go at setting it up.
It is done in a quite different way, you configure Channels in OH2 which hold the shutdown command you want to run, then you link the channel(s) to your Switch Item.
I cannot offer guidance on that, others will, there are many posts about Exec bindings (which can be tricky to get just right)

I foolow the wiki page that comes up when I click on the binding, so it would be good if they went to the correct version :slight_smile:

It sounds like I need to search for the OH2 exec wiki page. I will need to do that tomorrow, too late now.

Thanks for the pointer much appreciated.


No idea what you are clicking on. If you would like to help improve documentation, it would be very much appreciated. Mostly this only happens when people trip over a problem, it is not unusual. Be a do-er, not a moaner - you understand this whole project runs on freely given volunteer time and effort. Even if left to other folk to actually sort out, they need a little more information.

The documentation for all the bindings, 1.x and 2.x are located in the docs. I don’t know if the wiki is still being maintained.


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Thank you, I will take a look this weekend.