Wolf ISM7i ISM8i Interface

I am planning to connect my Wolf central ventilation unit to the system.
I currently have ISM7i purchased.

Does anybody have this module in use?

Alternatively I am thinking to optain the ISM8i, which shall have some sort of KNX functionality implemented. Any experieneces on this one?

hey, i have now the same problem.

what did you do at the end?

ISM7i is of no use, I would have needed the extern version, and additionally the BM200.
I gave up this path.

I bought an ebus ethernet adapter and connected the ventilation over ebusd to openhab.

Things are working now, but it wasn’t easy to accomplish.

I plan to eliminate the ebusd and use the openhab ebus binding in near future.

Anyone tried the iSM8i, this seems to be a “official” eBus/Ethernet interface by Wolf (https://www.wolf-heiztechnik.de/fileadmin/content/Downloads/Montage-Bedienungsanleitungen/Regelungen/3064356_201508_ISM8i_Montage-u.Bedienungsanleitung.pdf). I was betting on that to connect my CBG-2 with BM-2 to openhab using the eBus binding…

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Hi Max1968,

did you purchace and try the ISM8i? I was reading about it, but the missing openhab binding did stop me.

If you are a little techy, I would really suggest you to look at the FHEM forum. There is a thread where HW is sold which can be be put on top of a raspberry pi. You can run on that raspberry pi the ebusd daemon which would send data over mqtt to openhab, over mqtt you can even set values to the ebus devices. I am running it for the Wolf CWl 300 Excelence.
If there is need I can put my project online. The cost for the HW is about 100€ in total (45€ raspbery pi, 55€ the ebus extension)

Hi lukics,

it seems to be a valid way and i would love to see your project, especially the ebus extension.

Thank you

I have following setup:
ebus copler esera (ESERA) - 130€
raspberry pi, running openhab and ebusd - 50€

Procedure to setup:

  1. Connect the ESERA ebus coupler to the WOLF appliance according the installation manual. Alternatively there are ebus coplers available in the FHEM forum (https://forum.fhem.de/index.php/topic,75878.msg769382.html#msg769382), I have ordered one, not yet installed.
  2. Compile and install ebusd, here are the instructions : https://github.com/john30/ebusd/wiki/1.-Build-and-install, make sure mqtt is enabled.
  3. place the right csv file in /etc/ebusd/encon ( I have a working one for cwl 300, other found arround)
  4. configure /etc/default/ebusd, make sure connection to ESERA is set and mqtt enabled (e.g. EBUSD_OPTS="–pollinterval=1 --httpport 8085 --scanconfig --mqtthost= --mqttport=1883 --enablehex -d --loglevel=info")
  5. enable mqtt on openhab
  6. create openhab items connected to incomming mqtt messages, configure outgoing mqtt values

I am able to read and set values on my CWL 300 excelent.

I tried more then once to move from ebusd setup to the native ebusd binding, without success. the support comunity for ebus, ebusd is big on the FHEM forum.

I someone decides to go my path I am will to actively support, but first thing get an ebus coupler.

Hello @lukics I am planning to have Wolf BWL-1S together with FGB-28 gas boiler. Can I use your setup with eBUS Koppler Ethernet and RPi to control output water temperature with OpenHab for ex. ?
Thank you in advance for you replay

and Merry Christmas :wink:

Sure it is possible, but it is a steep learning curve when setting it up.
be prepared

sure ! Thank you! That is what I am waiting for… :smile:
btw I will appreciate any helpful links you may share :wink:

get the HW, wire it together, getting the flickering light on the coupler first :slight_smile:

ok, as soon as I have it will ask of needed :wink:

Hello @lukics, I went the ebusd way with my CGW boiler but did not find the proper csv. The only thing I can read is the outside temperature and a few more. But there are still a lot of unknown parameters. Can you share your csv?