Work in progress pull request

What is the project position on submitting work in progress as a pull request? Doing so allows the snapshot jar for bindings to be created and added to the marketplace so that others can test it even if its not yet ready to be merged.

I have been working with @reyem on a binding for the LaMetric Time network-connected clock (issue #1704) and there appear to be others interested in testing out the binding. It is getting close to ready for submission, but not quite there yet.

Is there an appropriate tag or disclaimer to put on the PR to let the maintainers know not to waste time doing code reviews until it is ready? I don’t want to create any administrative overhead, but the PR builds are very convenient for sharing a new binding.

Work in progress builds are fine, great even :slight_smile:

So yes, please use the build architecture for that, but prefix the title with [WIP]

Great! Thanks for the quick response!